Medication Interactions and Contraceptive Effectiveness

We call it contraceptive failure when someone uses a method correctly and consistently but gets pregnant nonetheless. We understand that a medication someone takes for a medical condition can alter the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives in many ways. Some contraceptive methods have been studied extensively to determine the interactions that diminish effectiveness, but other methods have had little study. For example, Interactions between POPs and other drugs have not been well studied. In the absence of a high degree of evidence, it is reasonable… Read more…
Jul / 2024

“Birth control has a TikTok problem.”

“The stakes are high,” reports Lisa Jarvix in Bloomberg. “The twin forces of birth control-related misinformation, often from women sharing their personal experiences, and disinformation, typically posted by right-wing activists hiding their true agendas, is happening at a time of ever-shrinking access to abortion care in the US.” Your clients have always turned to opinions from family members or friends. But the internet influencers “aren’t typically the ones who are happy with their birth control,” says Jarvix. “It’s the ones who have had a bad experience that are more apt to share.” Providers can share evidence to counteract the misinformation and disinformation. Here’s an update on the most worrisome risks that contraceptive users care about… Read More…
Jun / 2024

Implant: Unpredictable Bleeding and Management

About 11.1% to 14.4% of users ask for early implant removal because of bleeding complaints, according to US trials. Providing patients with tools and ideas to deal with prolonged or heavy bleeding episodes may decrease the frustration they may have with potential bothersome bleeding and improve satisfaction… …While it is not possible to anticipate the bleeding pattern for any particular user, reanalysis of clinical studies has revealed some general patterns… Read More…
May / 2024

The Book

Now available in a new 22nd edition, this well-known text with more than 2 million copies in print has been the leading family planning resource... Read more


Contraceptive Technology Conference



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Join the authors of Contraceptive Technology  on April 25, 2024 for a one-day virtual conference as they share a deep dive into the cutting-edge data and best practices presented in the new 22nd edition of the book! The authors will clarify complex topics, discuss controversial and rapidly changing concepts, and answer your questions. They will bring you up-to-date on bleeding, contraceptive effectiveness, RTIs, new tools for effective counseling, new tools for FABM, and more! As an attendee, you will have ample time for interaction with the experts.